GTA 2 Free to Play

A 2D game set in a futuristic, gang-filled metropolis

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GTA 2 Free to Play
GTA 2 Volume 2

Grand Theft Auto Volume 2 is the second game is the popular GTA series from Rockstar. The game is available for free since it was released by Rockstar as a part of their Classic series. In this game, several competing gangs are vying for full control of the futuristic city in which the game is set.

If you consider yourself a moderately well-informed gamer, but you've never heard of or played GTA 2, there's a fairly good reason for that. GTA 2, like the original, was not the same open-world 3D game known and loved today. It was released as an arcade-style game that featured a top down view and depth animation to give some impression of 3D realism. It wasn't until much later when GTA 3 was finally released did the world see the incredible jump from 2D to 3D.

However, don't think that just because GTA and GTA 2 were arcade-style that they were any less violent or crass. Both games were rated for ages 18 and over, and even with all the content on the market in the modern gaming world, GTA 2 still requires that same 18 and over rating. A lot of that has to do with the content of the game and the adult language since the graphics are certainly far beneath anything available today.

Just like in the first GTA, and just like in every other version, you are placed into the middle of an open-world city that you can explore at your leisure in GTA 2. As you explore the city, you can cause mischief and mayhem to your heart's desire. Steal automobiles, start brawls with police officers, and smash into pedestrians at full speed behind the wheel.

To progress the actual plot of the game, you must visit various pay phones scattered throughout the city. At these phones, you'll be contacted by members of the different controlling gangs. They contact you via pay phone because you haven't yet earned their trust, which you must do if you hope to work for the gangs. You'll accomplish these 'jobs' by killing the enemies of those who contracted you.

The controls for this game are fairly straightforward, but some have said that using a gamepad is the ideal playing method. For a game of this type, it's surprisingly fast-paced, but that's mostly to make up for the arcade game style. Whenever you cause damage or death, scores pop up right in the playing area.

Since the landscape of video games has veered toward this open-world style that GTA essentially spawned all those years ago, GTA 2 still feels relevant and fun compared to other nostalgic games. If you can get past the graphics that were standard for 1999, you'll have no problem enjoying this game. A mini-map would have been a nice inclusion, but you can get along without it.


  • Humorous Gameplay
  • Large Environment
  • Engaging and Fun


  • Violent and Messy
  • No Real Update

Once upon a time, before GTA 3 had blessed the gaming industry with its never-before-seen 3-D open world game play, there was a game that went by the name of Grand Theft Auto Volume 2. Although the Grand Theft Auto series is an extremely popular series, Grand Theft Auto Volume 2 was nothing special during the year of its release. In 1999, Rockstar Game released GTA Volume 2 to the world. No one knew that it would blow up into the blockbuster videogame series that it is now.

The graphics haven't aged particularly well, but players should remember that GTA Volume 2 was released almost a decade and a half ago. Like the first volume, the players control their characters from a top-down view. The graphics take the style of pseudo 3-D, something that was common for games released in the late 1990s.

The game play is much of what you would expect from the other GTA releases: violence, grand theft auto, guns, money and completing missions for the various crime lords in the area. The amount of money and respect you earn in the game depends on how many missions you complete and how much chaos you cause in the GTA universe. Players can choose to venture off into the chaotic metropolis of GTA, or they might decide to just follow the story and play the core missions of it. The beauty of Grand Theft Auto Volume 2 is the amount of freedom it gave players back in 1999 -- something that wasn't common in games during those years.

The top-down camera view takes some time to get used to -- it isn't something gamers see in video games nowadays. The simple controls make up for this, and Rockstar Games gets bonus points for allowing players to use a gamepad instead of a keyboard.

The fast-paced sandbox game that is GTA:V2 was way ahead of its time. No one knew what it would amount to. The latest release in the series was less than a year ago, with sales competing with the likes of games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. However, Grand Theft Auto Volume 2 is more of a novelty now. You won't find yourself returning for much of the action in GTA:V2, but maybe for the nostalgia.

Grand Theft Auto Volume 2 is completely free to download thanks to Rockstar Games. Curious gamers who want to see the root of the GTA series can download it whenever they would like and give it a try.


-Sandbox game with plenty of freedom

-Fast-paced action with missions to keep players coming back

-Once pay to play, but now completely free


-Graphics and mechanics haven't aged well

-Runs on XP and lower only

-Doesn't differ much from the original GTA

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